New global action pledge to end TB by 2030
Chandrayaan-3: No signal received from Vikram lander, Pragyan rover, says ISRO
Chandrayaan-3: ISRO attempts to establish contact with lander, rover to ascertain their wake-up condition
Healthcare: Lack of universal coverage, ‘human rights tragedy on a massive scale’
Chandrayaan-3 phase two to begin in a few hours: Jitendra Singh
Rashtriya Vigyan Puraskar: Centre announces new set of National Awards for Science, Technology & Innovation
WHO report says proper hypertension treatment can avert 76 million deaths between 2023 and 2050
‘Radical reorientation’ needed as half of humanity lacks basic health coverage
WHO chief Tedros asks China to give ‘full access’ to solve Covid-19's origins
Aditya-L1 begins collecting scientific data at distances greater than 50,000 km from Earth
Aditya-L1 starts collecting scientific data at distances greater than 50,000 km from Earth
Universal flu vaccine: US starts clinical trial
Study finds unhealthy snacking can increase risk of strokes, cardiovascular disease and obesity
Nipah: Condition of four infected patients stable, says HM Kerala Health Minister Veena George
UN launches flash appeal to aid 250,000 Libyans hit by devastating floods
UN launches flash appeal to aid 250,000 Libyans hit by devastating floods
Environmental champion hails rivers as ‘arteries of our planet’
Climate inaction puts lives on the line: WMO
Experts make case for tackling climate and sustainable development together
Libya flood: Death toll touches 5,000, thousands still missing
Kerala records 2 deaths due to Nipah virus, Centre sends team for assistance
Devastating flood hits Libya, 10,000 missing
Now ChatGPT gives proper diagnosis to US boy suffering from chronic pain for three years
Scientists are developing fuel that can sustain life on Moon
Morocco mourns quake victims as death toll climbs to over 2,000
Sun mission: ISRO successfully performs third orbit-raising manoeuvre of Aditya-L1
Earthquake kills over 1,000 people in Morocco
Window to reach climate goals ‘rapidly closing’, UN report warns
‘Without renewables, there can be no future’: 5 ways to power the energy transition
'Climate breakdown' alert as air quality dips during heatwaves: UN chief
Robotic Surgery in India is growing and increasing the application footprint: Vattikuti Foundation CEO Mahendra Bhandari
Study reveals global sea surface temperatures touch record high mark in August
New study finds 79 percent global rise in cancer cases among under 50s over past three decades
Chandrayaan-3: ISRO releases 3D images of Moon's surface
Solar mission Aditya L 1 successfully undergoes second Earth-bound maneuvre: ISRO
Chandrayaan-3: Vikram Lander soft lands again, undergoes hop experiment
Typhoon Haikui: 78 injured in Taiwan
N Valarmathi: ISRO's voice behind Chandrayaan-3 rocket launch countdown dies of heart attack
Namibian envoy hopes Kunho cheetahs will adapt to Indian environment
Budapest Zoo: Scientists use stem cells to successfully treat arthritis in gorilla
'Hoping for a successful awakening after 14 days': ISRO as Pragyan Rover goes to sleep mode
Chandrayaan-3: Pragyan Rover successfully completes mission tasks, put to sleep for 14 days
President Murmu, European Space Agency congratulate ISRO for successful Aditya-L1 launch
UN expert urges international support for The Bahamas amid climate crisis
India launches maiden solar mission Aditya-L1
India's Fire Mission To Sun: After success of Chandrayaan-3, ISRO to launch Aditya-L1 today
Yemen: Alarming surge in measles and rubella cases, reports WHO
Refusal to waive IP rights for COVID-19 vaccines violates human rights: Experts
Russia’s Luna 25 mission: NASA’s LRO shows crash created crater on Moon surface
UNICEF urges support for children, as wildfires rage across Greece
Is Aditya-L1 a complete Mission to study the Sun? No, says ISRO
Chandrayaan-3: Rambha payload finds sparse plasma in Lunar area
'It feels like a child is playfully frolicking in yards of Chandamama': ISRO shares new video of rover rotating on Moon
Hurricane Idalia makes landfall in US state of Florida
With COVID-19 ‘here to stay’, new tools essential to continue fight: Tedros
Smile Please: Chandrayaan-3's Pragyan Rover clicks image of Vikram Lander
Health Canada expects increase in COVID-19 cases, reviews 3 new vaccines
Chandrayaan-3: Pragyan Rover detects sulphur on Moon
World's first case: Doctors find live worm in Australian woman's brain
ISRO to launch Aditya-L1 maiden Sun mission on Sept 2
New UN guidance affirms children’s right to a clean, healthy environment
Chandrayaan-3: ISRO releases images of crater detected by Pragyan rover on Moon
ISRO to launch Aditya-L1 maiden Sun Mission on September 2 after Chadrayaan-3 success
After successful Moon landing, ISRO now targets to study Sun with Aditya-L1 mission
Chandrayaan-3: ISRO releases new video which shows Pragyan rover roaming on Moon's South Pole
New global fund ‘welcome boost’ to safeguarding biodiversity
Mahendar Pal Singh: A beacon of excellence in Indian science
Chandrayaan-3: ISRO's latest video shows Pragyan coming out of Vikram, walks on Moon
Chandrayaan-3: Waited for 4 years, this success is sweet news, says ex-ISRO chief K Sivan
'India took a walk on the Moon': ISRO gives update amid India's celebration for Chandrayaan-3 success
Not landing, ISRO chief says last 20 minutes was 'most difficult' part of Moon mission
Chandrayaan-3: With lander Vikram making it to lunar surface successfully, rover Pragyan will now take over
After Chandrayaan-3's success, ISRO has a long list of missions. Take a look
Elon Musk reacts to post claiming Chandrayaan-3's budget less than 'Interstellar'. Check out
Chandrayaan-3: NASA administration Bill Nelson congratulates ISRO, India over lunar mission success
India is now on the Moon: Chandrayaan-3 successfully lands on lunar surface ending nail-biting wait for a nation
From Death Valley to the Swiss Alps, extreme weather records hit new heights
New financing tool aims to increase access to lifesaving mosquito nets
Chandrayaan-3 soft landing as scheduled, no postponement : ISRO Chief
India's Chadrayaan-3 set for Moon touchdown today
Chandrayaan-3 mission on schedule, sailing smooth for soft landing tomorrow: ISRO
Huge wildfire blankets southern British Columbia, forces thousands to leave home
'Welcome buddy': Chandrayaan 3 gets special message from predecessor's orbiter
COVID-19 may trigger new-onset high blood pressure: Study
Harmonising healthcare leadership: G20 India presidency and India’s ascent as global medical hub
ISRO announces Moon landing date, and time of Chandrayaan-3
Gujarat will soon become the Mecca of traditional medicines: WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
DRDO's drone crashes in Karnataka village, investigation undergoing
DRDO's drone crashes in Karnataka village, investigation undergoing
India introduces Green Hydrogen Standard; sets avg emission limit of 2 kg CO2 per kg of H2 produced
Heavy rainfall to hit Central and Eastern China
Luna-25: Russia's first lunar mission in four decades, crashes into the Moon
Chandrayaan-3 successfully completes final orbital manoeuvre; to land on moon next
Ayushman Bharat: WHO chief Tedros hails India for Universal Health Coverage
DR Congo: Children facing worst cholera outbreak in six years
Scorching ‘new normal’ as world buckles under extreme heat: WMO
Scientists rushing to track highly mutated BA.2.86 coronavirus variant found in four countries , WHO designates it as ‘variant under monitoring’
Researchers in Guwahti and Vellore achieve breakthrough in transforming skin cells into stem cells
Canada: Officials declare state of emergency in British Columbia as wildfires force evacuations in Kelowna
Older women with breast cancer may not require radiation, new Canadian research suggests
Visit doctor once you start feeling pain while walking: Kolkata-based orthopaedic surgeon Rajput advises patients suffering from knee problem
Chandrayaan-3: ISRO shares first video of moon captured by Vikram lander
WHO summit aims to unlock power of traditional medicine through science
Chandrayaan-3: Deboosting operation of Lander Module orbit successful says ISRO
Study finds America's 10 percent wealthiest persons responsible for 40 percent of nation’s total greenhouse gas emissions
Assam Agricultural University revolutionised tea powder industry, benefiting farmers and consumers
Chandrayaan-3 ready to touch lunar surface as propulsion module successfully separates from lander
Chandrayaan-3 orbit reduced further, lunar bound manoeuvre over, PM and LM to get separated tomorrow
Arctic warming experiment: NASA announces launch service
50 dead in Himachal landslides and cloudburst, seven swept away by flash floods
Chishty Foundation from Ajmer Sharif to participate in COP28 Global Summit
Mongolia: Three suspected cases of bubonic plague reported
Aditya-L1: ISRO gearing up to launch its first Solar mission
Death toll from Hawaii wildfires rises to 89
5.7-magnitude quake rocks northern Philippines
UN expert alerts global heating may disrupt food supply even before 1.5C temperature rise
Assam Reboot Youth Organization launches 'Clean Dhubri' drive for town renewal
Bangladesh registers highest daily spike of nearly 3,000 dengue cases in past 24 hours, death toll rises to 364
COVID-19: WHO tracking EG.5 'variant of interest'
Myanamr: More than 18,000 evacuated after rivers swell above danger mark
Kashmiri-born scientist unveils breakthrough insights into Alzheimer's Disease
PM Modi praises all those protecting the Asiatic Lion in India on World Lion Day
Study shows fewer than 5000 steps walking can lower the risk of death
Godrej and Patanjali collaborate to boost oil palm plantation in Nagaland foothill regions
Second Chandryaaan-3 orbit reduction maneuver tomorrow
Floods hit western Myanmar, thousands evacuated
Heatwaves, high temperatures threatening young lives in South Asia, warns UNICEF
Russia's Luna-25 in race with India's Chandrayaan-3 to become first in reaching Moon's south pole
SpaceX launches 22 Starlink satellites into the orbit
ISRO shares first video for Chandrayaan 3 meeting the Moon
Meghalaya nurses seek global opportunities at overseas nursing job fair
Meghalaya: 1,200 nurses attend Overseas Nursing Job Fair in Shillong
Bangladesh's dengue death toll exceeds 300 as total cases nears 64,000
5.8 magnitude earthquake hits Delhi NCR, Jammu Kashmir
'This is Chandrayaan-3. I am feeling lunar gravity': Chandrayaan-3 successfully enters lunar orbit
New report highlights Canada's health-care crisis, surgery backlogs, staff shortages, no family doctor
Chandrayaan-3 covered 2/3rds of distance to the Moon, to enter Lunar Orbit tomorrow: ISRO
Centre introduces Ayush Visa; foreigners can now seek treatment under Indian systems of medicine
China records heaviest rainfall in 140 years
‘Let’s make breastfeeding at work, work’, urge UN agencies
AIIMS partners with IREDA for solarization of AIIMS New Delhi campus
Canada to issue new warning labels such as 'poison in every puff' on every cigarette
Vattikuti Foundation Robotic Surgery Fellowships to grow pool of accomplished surgeons
WHO hails Mauritius, Netherlands for tobacco control measures but global risks remain
Northern hemisphere summer marked by heatwaves and wildfires: WMO
Chandigarh takes the lead among Union Territories in solar power generation
'Smart Tea Villages' empowers Assam's 200 year old tea industry
Nashik: Man injured in leopard attack
ISRO successfully launches 7 Singapore satellites with PSLV-C56 in a textbook lift off
Siberian permafrost: Worm revived after 46,000 years
Sudan health crisis reaches ‘gravely serious levels’: WHO
Hottest July ever signals ‘era of global boiling has arrived’ says UN chief
Warming trend in Asia set to cause more disruption: UN weather agency
Heatwave threat impacts half of all children in Europe and Central Asia
Over 350,000 children in the developing world missing out on cancer treatment
Intense heat continues to disrupt life in several areas of Japan
70 percent of world’s tigers are found in India today as a result of Project Tiger, says PM Modi at G20 Environment and Climate Ministers’ Meet
July 2023 is on track to be the hottest month on record, say experts
Study finds exercises which can reduce blood pressure
Kashmir's lavender revolution empowers women and transforms agriculture, aiming for world's largest herbal sanctuary
Jammu Blood Center aims for 100% voluntary blood donations, plans advanced Institute of transfusion medicine
IIM Bangalore student Ayush Gupta dies of cardiac arrest
High-stakes UN operation underway in Yemen to avert catastrophic oil spill
Study finds food allergy in infancy linked to childhood asthma and reduced lung function
Nagaland: Doctor couple pioneering CT scan machine to Dimapur
Arunachal: Authorities order closure of schools in Itanagar following conjunctivitis outbreak
Water level in Yamuna crosses danger mark again, Delhi govt on high alert
Floods in Pakistan leave four dead
Type-1 diabetes : Students to be allowed to carry insulin in classroom in Uttar Pradesh
HIV a ‘critical health concern’ amongst people who use drugs in Thailand
Behind Delhi’s floods is a history of encroachment and diminishing wetlands
India’s tiger reserves have helped fight climate change
Report reveals 2022 broke recorded as hottest, driest year in Italy
Spike in dengue cases due to global warming, alerts WHO
Study estimates diagnostic errors are linked to nearly 795,000 deaths or cases of permanent disability in America each year
New Delhi: ASEAN conference emphasises on achieving sustainable development goals for good health and well-being
Raigad landslides: Death toll rises to 10, several injured
Chandrayaan-3 Orbit raised further, moves a step closer to Moon
Unitaid: Close to a million deaths by 2035 if TB prevention is not acted on
Himachal cloudburst washes away 20 vehicles near Sangla
Mumbai schools to remain shut on Thursday amid heavy rainfall
India fights COVID-19: Centre removes testing requirements for international travellers
Health risks on the rise as heatwave intensifies across Europe: WMO
Assam based org, 'Pedal for a Change' calls for sustainable urban transport action in Guwahati
Global immunisation rates show sign of post-pandemic rebound
Nagaland: Government reinforces total ban on single-use plastic
‘Low risk’ for humans, as cats in Poland test positive for avian influenza
Unyielding Valour: Stories of heroism emerge as floodwaters recede in Punjab
Itanagar Zoo welcomes two Royal Bengal tigers, 3 Gharials from Odisha's Nandankanan
Sarbananda Sonowal makes major announcements for capacity building of National Institute of Homoeopathy at Kolkata
Greenhouse effect: Google doodles to mark Eunice Newton Foote's 204th birthday
Bangladesh: Dengue hospitalisation crosses 20,000
South Korea: 49 dead or missing as heavy downpour continues
IT employees suffer from kidney stones due to work conditions, warns expert
IT employees suffer from kidney stones due to work conditions, warns expert
Spain: 4,000 evacuated from Canary Islands due to wildfires
Heatwave conditions to prevail in US, Europe and Japan; mercury to go above 40 degrees Celsius
7.4-magnitude quake hits US's Alaska, tsunami warning issued
Delhi floods: Fresh rains create more panic amid slow Yamuna water retreat
Manipur: Ukhrul introduces waste collection cards to combat garbage disposal issue
Farmer inspires organic agriculture movement in Assam's Dhiria village
Chandrayaan-3's health normal: ISRO updates after successful orbit-raising manoeuvre
Chandrayaan-3 lift-off recorded from plane window, video now goes viral
Critical motor for ISROs Chandrayaan-3 moonshot by Sona College of Technology researchers
Twenty die, several evacuated as flood ravages different parts of South Korea
Extreme weather highlights need for greater climate action
Critical motor for ISROs Chandrayaan-3 moonshot by Sona College of Technology researchers
Twenty die, several evacuated as flood ravages different parts of South Korea
Extreme weather highlights need for greater climate action
India's third Moon mission commences as Chandrayaan-3 lifts off from Sriharikota
WHO warns this artificial sweetener could be carcinogenic to humans, check out in which food items it is used
UP govt rescues 95 people stranded in flood-hit Himachal Pradesh
Vietnam's capital Hanoi likely to become dengue fever hotspot
Tamil Nadu: Female elephant found dead
Northwestern study links underground climate change to variations beneath urban areas
Temperatures off the charts, but more records imminent: WMO
Peru: Govt declares 90 days health emergency amid 'unusual increase' in Guillain-Barre syndrome cases
Assam State Zoo in Guwahati set for massive transformation, eyes premier wildlife destination status
Incessant rains snap air, rail, and road communication in Himachal; leaving 72 dead
Incessant rain causes chaos in Punjab
Assam launches two-month training program for 5,000 farmers to boost agribusiness and rural transformation
Manipur man creates 300-acre forest from barren land, sets example for conservation
Himachal Pradesh: Five killed in rain-related mishap in last 24 hrs
Himachal Pradesh: Five killed in rain-related mishap in last 24 hrs
Alcohol consumption increases the risks of over 60 disease: Study
Heavy rains in north India leave several dead, cripple normal life
5.4 magnitude quake hits waters off Taiwan, no casualty reported yet
Assam Government plans organ transplant ecosystem to tackle road accidents and improve healthcare
Study finds older adults who remain more active have a better quality of life
More African countries to receive lifesaving malaria vaccine
Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft integrated with launch vehicle: ISRO
Cooperation key to weathering climate crisis, growing inequality, new tech challenge: Guterres
Pakistan: Record-breaking rain lashes Lahore, 6 dead
World Meteorological Organization declares onset of El Nino conditions, surge in global temperatures likely
Climate Change: World just recorded its hottest day on July 3
International Conference on Green Hydrogen to start in New Delhi tomorrow
Global shipping poised to get new emissions-fighting strategy
IAEA: Europe’s largest nuclear power plant regains back-up electricity feed
UN rights chief: ‘Don’t leave the climate crisis for our children to fix’
Smart watches could detect Parkinson’s up to seven years before hallmark symptoms appear: Study
Arunachal Pradesh's TRIHMS team successfully implants advanced cardiac device in landmark procedure
Young Leaders Program for primary eye care concludes in Chennai
Supermarket trolleys set to help diagnose common heart rhythm disorder and prevent stroke: Study
Depressed patients less likely to take their heart medications: Study
Loneliness linked with elevated risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes: Study
Water fasts can help you lose weight but study warns you may regain once again
Canada bans tensing of cosmetics on animals
Theism Belgachia celebrates first aniversary with free medical camp and health awareness campaign
Eastern DR Congo: Health system at breaking point warns WHO
Tripura: Government-run college is working hard to scientifically produce giant prawns
Australia become first nation to authorise MDMA, magic mushrooms use, but who can access them
UN space agency vigilant over threat posed by ‘near-Earth objects’
Child health: More focus needed on earliest years, urges WHO
New Zealand bans plastic produce bags from July 1
UN agencies head up new $115 million push for cleaner, healthier oceans
Improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene can save 1.4 million lives per year, says new WHO report
A Haryana village resists government buildings to protect iconic trees
Mumbai receives heavy rainfall, 1 killed, waterlogging seen in many areas
WHO: ‘Long COVID’ may obstruct return to normal life for 36 million Europeans
Legal protection essential for people displaced by climate change: UN expert
US not prepared for next pandemic: CDC director
J&K: IGSSS and Quality Healthcare Hospital Collaborate to organize free medical camp in remote Kashmir village
Low-pressure area formed over Northwest Bay of Bengal
Assam Flood: 2 dead, over 1500 villages submerged, nearly 5 lakh people affected
Nagaland: Dr Kelühol Tase embarks on mission to conserve and revive endangered Rhododendron tree
Monsoon finally arrives in Mumbai
Tribal women farmers in Tripura village embrace organic farming, transforming livelihoods and nourishing community
Himalayan glacier thinning: Clear and present danger of outburst floods
India to give major boost to cyclone warning systems with new radars and supercomputers
Canada: Donnie Creek Wildfire largest in British Columbia's history, says Wildfire Service
Europe warming twice as fast as other continents, warns WMO
Himalayan glaciers could lose up to 80 of their ice by 2100 as temperature spikes , warns study
New study finds Hindu Kush Himalayan glaciers disappearing faster
Assam: Flood situation continues to be grim, 33,000 people affected
Cyclone Biparjoy hits Ajmer
Tripura emerges as a new mango hub, boosts commercial cultivation for profitable returns
Study shows commonly used diabetes drug reduces risk of long COVID-19
54 dead, 400 hospitalised in 72 hours at UP's Ballia district hospital due to 'severe heat' condition
Assam: Digboi native emerges as leading scientist, making groundbreaking battery invention
Afghanistan: Six kids die due to diarrhea in Mazar-e-Sharif
Study shows psychedelic drugs reopen ‘critical periods’ for social learning
Polar scientists call for more research and observation into rapid sea ice reduction
Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits France
Indian scientists refute earlier find of fossil of earliest animal in Madhya Pradesh's Bhimbetka
Cyclone Biparjoy weakens into deep depression tonight, says IMD
Cyclone Biporjoy: Gujarat govt deploys 200 teams for wildlife emergencies; rescuers save 2 lion cubs in Gir forest
Guterres calls for phasing out fossil fuels to avoid climate ‘catastrophe’
One-month of COVID-19 lockdown cost heart attack patients up to two years of life: Study
Alcohol and smoking to blame for premature deaths among night owls: Study
Cyclone Biparjoy: Trail of destruction in Gujarat coast, over 20 people injured, power outage in 940 villages
Deep ocean waters in Antarctica are shrinking and warming: Study
Visionary Farmer Cultivates Breathtaking Mango Orchard in Tripura's Udaipur, Inspiring Youth and Showcasing Agricultural Potential
Southwest monsoon is coming, advances into remaining parts of Kerala: IMD
Smoke from Canadian wildfire reaches Norway
53 farmers in Arunachal Pradesh participate in training on 'Good Agricultural Practices for Assam Lemon'
Women-led self-help group successfully cultivates profitable maize varieties in Tripura
Lower Subansiri DC inaugurates RRR centre promoting responsible waste management
Multivitamin improves memory in older adults, finds study
World Oceans Day underscores need to protect ‘the foundation of life’
COVID-19 can cause brain cells to ‘fuse’: Study
Chandrayaan-3 moon mission to be launched in mid-July, says ISRO chief
Southwest monsoon arrives in Kerala, confirms IMD
Project Cheetah is a new symbol of friendship between India, Namibia: S Jaishankar
Nagaland: Chakhesang Public Organisation undertakes massive tree plantation drive to preserve biodiversity
Endometriosis Foundation of India flags lack of specialists in the field in India
England: Gonorrhoea and syphilis sex infections touch record high levels, check out the age group which is recording highest infection level
Haiti: UN deeply saddened as latest earthquake kills three, in wake of floods
Study warns that chemical found in common artificial sweetener can damage DNA
World off track for reaching key goal on sustainable energy by 2030
Climate change could cause disease to 76.8 percent of corals by 2100
Arctic could be ice-free in summer by 2030: Study
Shrinking Ponds in Urban Areas Threaten Ecosystem and Increase Flood Risks
Nagaland observes World Environment Day with tree plantation and cleanliness drives to combat climate change
Cities ‘critical battlegrounds’ for a sustainable future: Guterres
Hajj pilgrims in Jammu and Kashmir receive special vaccination to ensure safe and hassle-free pilgrimage
Bhaderwah emerges as India's lavender capital and agri startup hub, igniting economic prosperity and innovation
Ontario forest fire: Evacuation orders issued for people living around Centennial Lake
World Environment Day: Slowly but steadily Indian tourist destinations are working to combat the rise of plastic pollution
Gujarat registers 55 pc reduction in carbon emissions in energy production
World must ‘work as one’ to end plastic pollution: Guterres
From eco-parks to coal gasification: India's top efforts to hit net zero by 2070
Cutting boards can produce microparticles when chopping veggies: Study
Srinagar hosts 'successful' medical camp for local community members
1 in 3 adults with Type 2 diabetes may have undetected cardiovascular disease: Study
Eye drops slow nearsightedness progression in kids: Study
Jammu and Kashmir: People crowdfund Rs.80 lakhs in less than 24 hours to help cancer patient
Study finds grief can increase risk of heart problems
Afghanistan registers fourth Polio case of 2023
Bangladesh: 2 COVID-19 deaths registered after 66 days
Canada: Out of control historic fire continues to grow in Shelburne County
‘Toxic tidal wave’ of plastic pollution putting human rights at risk
Japan: Nearly 140,000 people ordered to evacuate due to typhoon Mawar
Study says junk food may impair our deep sleep
Himachal Pradesh receives unprecedented rainfall
WMO makes urgent call to action over melting cryosphere
China successfully launches crewed mission to Tiangong Space Station
China successfully launches crewed mission to Tiangong Space Station
China successfully launches crewed mission to Tiangong Space Station
Ex-top Chinese government scientist says the possibility of COVID virus leak from lab cannot be ruled out
Pakistan: Wild polio virus detected in environmental samples
Puri: Silkworms will not be killed to prepare fabric for deities of Sri Jagannath temple
42 young Robotic Surgeons to share path breaking procedures
Kazakhstan officially lifts Covid restrictions
Arunachal Pradesh: Kaiser-e-Hind Butterfly sighted in Mechuka
China: Current Covid infections feature low prevalence level, mild symptoms
Weather experts predict ‘near normal’ season, with 5 to 9 potential hurricanes
Stop tobacco farming, grow food instead, says WHO
Centre forms high-level Cheetah Project Steering Committee
New Species of Tree Discovered in Arunachal Pradesh's Biodiversity Hotspot
IMD maintains 'normal' monsoon prediction amid high probability of El Nino
Australian scientists developing 1st movable hydrogen generator
Green light for global greenhouse gas tracking network
China is fighting new wave of COVID-19, may see 65 million weekly cases: Reports
North Lakhimpur District in Assam Successfully Clears 40 Years of Legacy Waste
Nagaland: ESDE joins forces with Changeinkk Foundation to empower individuals with invisible disabilities and drive innovation
Canada: Wildfire in Manitoba’s northern community displaces hundreds, emergency evacuation underway
Next pandemic will be 'even deadlier' than Covd-19, warns WHO chief
Uber Green to launch in India; 25,000 EVs to be introduced over next 3 yrs
Union Ministry launches Meri LiFE, Mera Swachh Shehar campaign promoting zero-waste cities in India
Kolkata scientists develop new artificial light-harvesting system using organic nanotubes
AI Supercomputer ‘AIRAWAT’ ranks 75th in 'Top 500 Supercomputing List';puts India among the top supercomputing league
India will soon acquire its fastest supercomputer, operations will start by next March: Kiren Rijiju
Gaza: Over a quarter of UNRWA centre patients needing mental health support
GENSU and Nagaland House collaborate for cleanliness drive in Guwahati
Meghalaya: Living root bridge of Mawlynnong awarded grant by the Graham Foundation
Meghalaya: Living root bridge of Mawlynnong awarded grant by the Graham Foundation
Horn of Africa: Over 7 million children under the age of 5 remain malnourished
World must be ready to respond to next pandemic: WHO chief
Biodiversity Day: Protecting humanity’s ‘life-support system’
India reports 405 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
New Study Warns Climate Change Could Push 30% of Species to Tipping Points
Cashless treatment facilities now available to all Central Government Health Scheme beneficiaries at 6 AIIMS
Scientists at Indian Institute of Astrophysics propose new metric to help quantify image quality of Sun captured by ground-based telescopes
Tamil Nadu: DRI seizes 18.1 kg Ambergris worth Rs 31.67 cr at Tuticorin coast
500 people evacuated due to wildfire in Spain
Promoting bamboo use and carbon-neutral life key to neutralise climate change: Experts opine at NE Regional Sustainable Summit
Amid quality concerns, Centre plans to test drugs in govt labs before exporting
Chronic diseases taking ‘immense and increasing toll on lives’, warns WHO
India reports 782 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
Nagaland: NESMS holds seminar on 'Agar Wood Plantation in North-East India'
Monsoon advances over Andaman Sea, Nicobar Islands: IMD
Kolkata sees a rise in number of cyclists: For livelihood and not lifestyle, says study
Tele-Mental Health: Doors for an unquiet mind
7.7-magnitude quake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands
Arunachal Pradesh: Ziro Valley sets record with massive turnout for flower plantation drive
Canada British Columbia's heat wave conditions lower, temperature still soars
India reports 906 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
Global temperatures set to reach new records in next five years, may warm beyond key 1.5C limit by 2027
New UN ‘roadmap’ shows how to drastically slash plastic pollution
India reports 1,021 Covid-19 cases in last 24 hours
Untested AI-based tools could harm patients, WHO warns
Sikkim's Prabha Chettri unveils Himalayan Oxy: A game-changing solution for altitude sickness
Cyclone Mocha leaves ‘trail of devastation’ in Myanmar
WHO advises against use of artificial sweeteners
Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine no longer available in US
Arunachal Pradesh CM witnesses inaugural drone flight and launch of medical utility vehicles at TRIHMS
Myanmar; Cyclone Mocha leaves five people dead
Kenya: 10 lions killed, conflict between human and wild animals increase
Cyclone Mocha hits Bangladesh, causes extensive damage to Teknaf and Saint Martin's Island
Final crew module tests for Gaganyaan mission successfully completed: ISRO
Traffic-related air pollution in Irvine weakens brain function: Study
Bangladesh gears up to tackle Cyclone Mocha, 50,000 people evacuated to safe shelters
Healthier diet may improve fitness: Study
Study finds obesity accelerates loss of COVID-19 vaccination immunity
Mpox public health emergency declared over
Severe Cyclonic storm Mocha intensifies into Very Severe Cyclonic Storm: IMD
India reports 1,580 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
IIT Kharagpur develops ‘Matri Seva’ Software for Ramakrishna Mission Home of Services, Varanasi
Deep depression over Bay of Bengal intensifies into cyclonic storm 'Mocha'; to make landfall between Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh and Sittwe in Myanmar
1 in 3 children overweight in the European region: WHO report
India reports 1,690 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
India reports 2,109 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
Himachal Pradesh records coldest and wettest 'May' days in 36 yrs
Meghalaya trains local farmers in hydroponic farming to boost agricultural yields
Female Cheetah 'Daksha' from South Africa dies in MP's Kuno National Park; 3rd to die in last 3 months
One pregnant woman or newborn dies every 7 seconds: new UN report
Robotic Healing: Robot-Assisted Surgery Rising in the U.S. and India
Countries must forge ‘Global Blue Deal’ to protect the ocean: UNCTAD
Experts at USTM conference stress significance of intercultural communication for a global community
Canada: Alberta continues battling wildfires, displaces about 30,000 people
India reports 1,839 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
British Deputy High Commission celebrated coronation of King Charles III with a carbon neutral reception
India logs 2,380 new Covid-19 cases in last 24 hours
3 killed, 12 injured in Nepal avalanche Kathmandu/IBNS: Three people were kill
IMD issues "cyclonic storm" alert to Odisha, West Bengal
India reports 2,961 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
'Covid-19 is no longer a global health emergency': WHO
India reports 3,611 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
New temperature records, food security threats likely as El Niño looms
FDA approves first Respiratory Syncytial Virus vaccine
Female Agripreneur in J&K sets example with innovative organic farming techniques
Health systems show first major signs of post-COVID-19 recovery
Three hurt as 5.2-magnitude earthquake hits southwest China's Yunnan
Hands-on training program for school children on organic farming and vermicomposting
CGAPP launches all India sustainability helpline to track plastic pollution in Ganga river
Nature’s Hints In Kerala And Balochistan: Road To Extinction
Changlangshu BMC's forest restoration initiative creates green corridor for wildlife in Nagaland
Ludhiana gas tragedy calls for stronger industrial safety measures: Expert
Covid-19: India reports 4,282 fresh cases in 24 hours
Pakistan: Heavy rains batter Balochistan, several houses damaged
Chinese Mars rover makes pioneering discovery: Traces of recent water activity found on Red Planet
As polluted flows India-Bangladesh transboundary river Ichamati, climate warriors talk action
Regional Cancer Centre in Meghalaya to benefit entire northeastern region
India reports 7,171 Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
Meghalaya’s regional cancer centre aims to be a gamechanger in northeast
Heart Health: Check out how 10 popular diets scored
India’s most advanced C&D waste recycling facility opens in Kolkata
India to collaborate in enhancing the facility at UK’s premier Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
WHO launches new pandemic prevention plan, as COVID deaths fall 95 per cent
India reports 7,533 Covid cases, 28 deaths in last 24 hours
Predictor Discovery Algorithm shows AI can improve predictability of Indian Summer Monsoons
Cabinet approves 157 new nursing colleges at a cost of Rs 1570 cr in co-location with existing medical colleges
India reports 9,355 Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
Vattikuti Foundation announces global Robotic Surgery competition
WHO urges increased implementation of recommended tools to combat malaria
Survey finds worries about environmental issues are consistently leading to lost sleep for many Americans
World Immunization Week sees ‘big catch-up’ to get vaccines back on track
Madhya Pradesh: Another cheetah, which was brought to India from South Africa, dies
Sugar-sweetened beverages linked with increased risk of premature death for people with type 2 diabetes: Reports
Covid-19: Maharashtra records 850 fresh cases, 4 more deaths in 24 hours
Another solar fence installed in Assam to combat human-elephant conflict
PSLV-C55 successfully launches two Singapore satellites in orbit
Scientists fabricate protein that can help study diseases like multiple sclerosis
Tigers burn bright in India under the shadow of human-animal conflict
India reports 11,692 Covid-19 cases with 19 deaths in 24 hours
Covid-19: Maharashtra reports 1,113 fresh cases and 3 deaths in 24 hours
Elon Musk's rocket Starship explodes during first test flight
Canberra becomes 1st jurisdiction in Australia to offer free abortions
Maharashtra reports 1,100 fresh Covid-19 cases
India reports 12,591 fresh Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
India reports 10,542 Covid cases, 27 deaths in last 24 hours
Massive awareness required to bust myth about wildlife parts: Gauhati High Court judges
Spell of rain bring respite from heat in Jammu
India reports 7,633 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
India reports 9,111 fresh cases of Covid-19, 24 deaths in 24 hours
Maharashtra registers 660 fresh Covid-19 cases, 2 deaths in last 24 hours
India reports 10,753 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours
PM Modi inaugurates first AIIMS in Northeast India
World Chagas Day calls for primary health care to track ‘silent’ disease
Maharashtra reports 1,086 fresh Covid-19 cases
Ghana gives clearance to Oxford malaria vaccine
‘Fully financing’ HIV response in Africa will save millions of lives: UNAIDS
Iran: 3 die in flash floods
Strong pandemic defence system could reduce chance of another COVID like pandemic in the next ten years from 27.5 pct to 8pct: Reports
Maharashtra records 1,115 new Covid cases, 9 deaths in last 24 hours
Intense Heatwave cripples normal life in Odisha, Jharsuguda records highest temperatures at 43 degrees Celsius
Covid-19: India reports 7,830 fresh cases
Covid-19: Maharashtra registers 919 fresh cases and a single death
Spain witnesses second hottest March in 21st century
Researchers find sleep disturbance prevalent in long COVID-19
IMD predicts 'normal' Southwest monsoon New Delhi: The Southwest monsoon is likely to rema
Covid-19: India reports 5,676 fresh cases
Walking 8,000 steps on weekends enough to cut death risk: Study
Study finds high blood pressure in your 30s associated with worse brain health in your 70s
Ready to tackle any Covid-19 situation: Jammu and Kashmir Govt
Top Ayurveda body hosts walkthrough for Working Group of C20 on Integrated Holistic Health under G20
Covid-19: India reports 5,880 fresh cases, hospitals to conduct mock drill
Covid-19: Maharashtra reports 788 fresh cases and one death
Bhutan sets an example to the world as a hub for sustainable tourism
India's tiger population grows to 3,167 in 2022: PM Modi releases Tiher Census figures
Scientists confirm existence of Raccoon Dogs at Wuhan market prior to COVID-19 outbreak
Kashmiri man's unique initiative: 'Give Plastic Take Gold' campaign motivates plastic waste collection
CDC warns US public health officials of Marburg virus
Check out the health benefits of Brocolli consumption as reflected in new study
Telangana: Young man dies of a heart attack while playing cricket
Maharashtra reports 803 fresh Covid-19 cases and 3 deaths
India reports 6,050 new Covid-19 cases in last 24 hrs
Hikikomori: Thousands in Japan slipping into complete social withdrawal
Covid-19: Maharashtra records 569 new cases and two deaths in 24 hours
Delhi sees 509 new Covid cases in 24 hours, positivity rate jumps to 26 pct
Tick-borne encephalitis detected in England, warns health agency: What is known so far
Smart watches could predict higher risk of heart failure: Study
UAE govt issues travel advisory against Marburg virus
Maharashtra sees 186 pct hike in single-day Covid cases, 4 deaths in last 24 hrs
Covid spike in Haryana leaves 1 dead, 193 new positive cases
Achievements in Health Sector in Goa showcased in run up to 2nd G20 Health Working Group Meeting
Keeping COVID-19 in check likely to require periodic boosters
mRNA vaccine beats infection for key defense against COVID-19, Stanford Medicine scientists find
ISRO’s RLV LEX boosts indigenous tech to power India’s defence needs
WHO calls for action to protect, support and expand global health force
WMO calls for more investment in integrated weather and climate services
COVID-19: Nepal confirms spread of XBB.1.16 sub-variant
One in six people worldwide is affected by infertility: WHO
Massive 150-foot asteroid approaching Earth on April 6: NASA warns
US health body sounds alert after deadly Marburg virus spreads in Africa
India logs 2,994 new Covid-19 cases in last 24 hrs
Net Zero Fellowship 2023 program brings leaders together for a low-carbon world
Women-led Swachh Mashaal March rally for garbage free India across 3000 plus cities
Shedding pounds may benefit your heart: Study
Children with high blood pressure often become adults with high blood pressure: Study
Marburg virus outbreaks highlight link between health and planet: Tedros
India reports 3,095 new Covid-19 cases in last 24 hours
China detects third human case of H3N8 strain of bird flu
Earth images captured by EOS-06 satellite released by ISRO
India logs 3,016 new Covid-19 cases in last 24 hours
UNICEF sounds alarm over fast-spreading cholera outbreaks in Africa
18 pharma companies lose licence for manufacturing spurious drugs
Hangul census concludes in Kashmir, Wildlife department uses drones for the purpose
Holistic approach urgent for health of people, animals and environment
Namibian cheetah flown to India dies in Madhya Pradesh from kidney disease
Bhutanese village moving towards becoming fully organic
India reports 1,805 new Covid-19 cases in last 24 hours
Walk a mile daily to prevent blood clots in blood veins: Health expert
Study shows sniffing other people's body odour may help in reducing social anxiety
Mediterranean diet reduces risk of heart disease, death in women: Study
Forest Dept files case against UP man who rescued Sarus crane
Study finds substance use disorders do not increase likelihood of COVID-19 deaths
Study reveals vaccination reduces risk of long COVID-19
Scientists warn of rise in potentially fatal bacterial infection due to global warming
COVID-19 cases spike in India: Four more people die in past 24 hours
ISRO's LVM-M3/OneWeb-India 2 mission launched successfully
Brilliant site of aurora in US mesmerizes people; Twitteraties share images, videos
Kolkata: Awareness and Joint Action by BIMSTEC countries could stem the climate rot
Health is now a crucial agenda of discussion among member states ever since COVID-19 pandemic occurred: BIMSTEC Secretary General Tenzin Lekphell 
US: Mississippi tornadoes claim 23 lives, injure several overnight: Report
Risk of cervical cancer twice as high in women with mental illness: Study
Study says blind people sense their heartbeats better than sighted
Study finds blood pressure greater than 130/85 mmHg can cause heart damage in adolescents: Study
Study finds good physical fitness does not protect children from obesity-related low-grade inflammation
Is COVID-19 making a comeback? India registers six deaths in past 24 hours
Arunachal Pradesh: World Forest Day marked in Itanagar, youth clean up Yagamso River
Arunachal Pradesh: NGOs conduct door-to-door campaign on waste segregation in Itanagar
Leander Paes unveils Ben Nevis's new healthcare programme for senior sportspersons
Kolkata: Health experts discuss benefits of consuming almond
Now you have more reason to listein to your favourite music as study reveals it enhances efficiency of certain medicines
Indian govt to set up regional National Institute of Virology in Jammu and Kashmir
World Tuberculosis Day: WHO ramps up initiative to combat killer disease
Scientists use locks of music composer Beethoven's hair to find clues of his death
WHO chief warns against misinformation over global pandemic accord
Deadly Syria earthquake provides chance to move forward: UN envoy
Japan govt decides to cull about 330,000 chickens in Aomori Prefecture over bird flu
Sweet change our brains: Study
Researchers shine light on how stress impacts women's hearts
Climate change making Earth ‘uninhabitable’ Guterres warns
UN Water Conference: More investment crucial to access water, sanitation, hygiene for all
Guterres warns of ‘catastrophic’ consequences of a world without glaciers
Access to chronic disease medication ‘still out of reach for many’: WHO report
MSN Group launches urinary incontinence drug
Tanzania confirms first-ever outbreak of Marburg Virus Disease
Pakistan: Nine die, 44 jurt as earthquake rocks KP
Diet and exercise programs alone won't tackle childhood obesity: Study
Extreme weather: UN global early warning initiative ‘fast-tracked into action’
Pakistan: 10 million deprived of safe drinking water in flood-affected areas
UN underlines commitment to support communities affected by Syria-Turkiye earthquakes
UN ramps up aid as millions affected in cyclone Freddy’s wake
A liveable future for all is possible, if we take urgent climate action: flagship UN report
Viacon Marketing and Technologies announces implementation of menstrual leave
Covid-19: Centre's top meeting today amid spike in cases
Odisha: Crocodile attacks woman in coastal Kendrapara, dies
WHO urges China to be ‘transparent’ in sharing COVID-19 data
Drinking coffee may help you in weight loss, study reveals some positive results
Pakistan: First polio case of 2023 reported from Bannu
Mild fever helps clear infections faster, suggests new study
Embrace green tech revolution or risk falling behind, new UN report warns
UN steps up support to Malawi following deadly cyclone
Hyderabad’s Svaya Robotics develops quadruped robot and exoskeleton for defence sector
As covid cases rise, Centre writes to 6 states to control spread of virus
ISRO to launch 2nd batch of One Web's 36 satellites using LVM-3 on Mar 26
Study finds common cold gives children immunity against COVID-19
55 countries face a health worker crunch linked to COVID-19: WHO
India's Sleep Crisis: Survey reveals shocking 38 percent surge in nighttime anxiety over future
Nephrohelp's Guide to Nephrotic Syndrome: A book for caregivers looking after kids afflicted with the ailment
Study finds instant noodles make up nearly one-third of childhood burn injuries
Survey shows Pakistan's Lahore city is most polluted in world
Sticking to ‘cold, hard’ climate facts can end global warming: Guterres
Cyclone Freddy kills 66, displaces thousands in Malawi
IIT Guwahati collaborates with Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital to foster Cardiac Research
Higher dose of blood thinners did not significantly improve overall combined outcomes in patients hospitalized for COVID-19: Study
‘Keto-like’ diet may be linked to higher risk of heart disease, cardiac events: Study
People who have symptoms of depression may have an increased risk of having a stroke: Study
Study says respiratory disease in early childhood linked to higher risk of death for adults
Odisha registers 59 H3 N2 influenza virus cases in last two months
More than 62 pc of Chronic Kidney Disease in India due to diabetes, hypertension and obesity: Expert
H3N2: First death of the country registered in Karnataka
Vanuatu emergency: UN supports aid effort after cyclones, earthquake
Chinese city Xian proposes return of lockdowns to combat flu outbreaks, netizens express displeasure
Legalizing cannabis fails to address health risks: UN drugs control board
A pinch (less) of salt can save lives, WHO says in new report
Want to make KPC Medical College a world-class centre: Chairman K.P. Chaudhuri
At least 17 killed, 41 missing due to landslides in western Indonesia
Tropical Cyclone Freddy on track to become record-breaking storm
Tropical cyclone Freddy set to further weaken cholera-hit Malawi
Study finds Bumblebees learn new 'trends' in their behaviour by watching and learning
Vitiligo: Controversial skin cream may soon come to UK
Mysterious songbird Dusky Tetraka makes surprise reappearance in Madagascar after eluding scientists for 24 years
Ayush: Trade interest of more than Rs. 590 crores generated at ‘1st SCO Conference and Expo on Traditional Medicine’ in Guwahati
Hyderabad in flu's grip as H3N2 sweeping across India, says Expert
New frog species found in Arunachal Pradesh, named Chanakya
UN delegates reach historic agreement on protecting marine biodiversity in international waters
'Historic' UN Ocean Treaty agreed after two decades of negotiations
ICMR issues health advisory as flu cases with severe symptoms rise
Uttarakhand Leopard Attacks: Clear and Present Danger
Doomsday Glacier: Rapid retreat appears to be driven by different processes under its floating ice shelf
Mizoram gets Japanese loan to build cancer research centre
To save a million species, World Wildlife Day underscores crucial role of partnerships
US: Florida man dies after being infected with rare brain-eating amoeba
First-ever World Seagrass Day focuses on conservation
More than half of global population will be living with overweight or obesity by 2035: Study
Brisk walk for 11 minutes every day can prevent early death: Study
Bhutan: Govt aims to eliminate malaria by 2025
Study shows grassland and agricultural land will increase in Kaziranga by 2050
Study warns use of zero-calorie sweetener increases risk of heart attack, stroke
If you want to reduce liver fat then start 150 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic activity per week from today
Study reveals exercise is more effective than medicines to manage mental health
Could ChatGPT replace GPs in infection consulting scenarios? University of Liverpool gives the answer
Avian flu reappears in Cambodia, UN health agency warns
40 percent of time spent on mundane chores could be automated within 10 years, say AI experts
Study finds relationship between air pollution and higher heart risks
Eight more dengue patients recorded in past 24 hours in Bangladesh
Over 1 billion in 43 nations at risk amid cholera outbreaks, WHO says
WHO: Nations step closer to global guides on pandemics, disease outbreaks
Pak staring at healthcare disaster as forex shortage hits prodn of essential medicines
Hormone Therapy for gender dysphoria may raise Cardiovascular risks, finds study
Study says lifelong bachelors face poorest Prognosis with heart failure
Insomnia tied to greater risk of heart attack, especially in women, study finds
Mothers are getting older, but that’s not why pregnancies are getting riskier, study reveals a possible reason
Study finds better economic connectedness on social media linked with lower rates of premature death
Study reveals too little sodium can be harmful to heart failure patients
If you want to add years to your life then get a good sleep from today, study finds
American mother gives birth to rare MoMo twins, doctors left stunned
Nine in ten major metropolitan areas in Europe lost population because of the COVID-19 pandemic: Study
Every two minutes, a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth
UN humanitarian delegation visits northwest Syria as earthquake response continues
Study reveals air pollution speeds bone loss from Osteoporosis
Dr Rajeev Raghuvanshi appointed as the new Drug Controller General of India
Auckland and Mumbai to collaborate on cancer care
Wild tuskers wreak havoc in Jharkhand, kill 9
Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Fresh aftershocks leave three people dead
Organic farming yields gains in India and Pakistan
Brazil floods: Death toll touches 36
UN Assembly President calls for Apollo 13 ingenuity to navigate flood risks
New Zealand: Cyclone Gabrielle claims 9 lives as death toll rises
Madhya Pradesh: Second batch of 12 cheetahs released to Kuno National Park
UN environment agency tackles mercury-tarnished gold mining industry
Magnitude 4.6 earthquake hits eastern Taiwan: Central Weather Bureau
WHO reveals one-third of prisoners in Europe suffer mental health disorders
UN-backed project aims to eliminate mercury from skin lightening products
Sea level rise poses ‘unthinkable’ risks for the planet, Security Council hears
WHO supports Equatorial Guinea in combatting country’s first-ever deadly Marburg virus outbreak
3.2 magnitude earthquake hits Assam, no damage reported
Stubble burning: IIM-Rohtak to assess paddy residue management initiatives in Punjab, Haryana, and UP
Quake hits off central Indonesia, no casualties reported
Bhutan: Paro to soon have new by-law to achieve zero waste
‘More women and girls in science equals better science’, UN chief declares
Huge piece of Sun breaks off, leaves scientific community stunned
UN General Assembly hears call for worldwide pandemic warning system
WHO reports exponential rise in cholera cases in Africa
SSLV-D2 successfully injects EOS-07, 2 other satellites in orbit
ISRO: SSLV-D2 successfully injects EOS-07, 2 other satellites in orbit
Caribbean sees first regional launch of global plan on early warning systems
Reduce pollution to combat ‘superbugs’ and other anti-microbial resistance
International study, featuring Kolkata's CMRI, finds Doxycycline effective in checking progression of Covid-19
Sikkim govt to adopt ‘Plant a Tree, Leave a Legacy’ initiative
Rains, snow lash parts of Kashmir valley including Gulmarg
Regulators suspend prodn of Global Pharma Healthcare's ophthalmic range of products: Reports
3.1 magnitude earthquake hits Nizamabad in Telangana
WHO launches bid to tackle inequalities behind global breast cancer threat
Mumbai: Teenage girl undergoes India’s first successful unilateral hand transplant
Revive and restore wetlands, home to 40 per cent of all biodiversity
Fake medicines kill almost 500,000 sub-Saharan Africans a year: UNODC report
African leaders commit to end AIDS among children by 2030
Move for Earth: Kolkata based organisation launches programme to spread awareness about Climate Action
Australian scientists make breakthrough in Alzheimer's research
Tedros: COVID-19 remains an international health threat
WHO calls for more action to end ‘cycles of poverty and stigma’ related to tropical diseases
More countries eliminate neglected tropical diseases but investments key to sustain progress
Four people die in severe weather in New Zealand's Auckland
3 die in New Zealand’s Auckland amid floods: Reports
Climate crisis and migration: Greta Thunberg supports IOM over ‘life and death’ issue
After Namibia, South Africa to send over 100 cheetahs to India
EU Commission to file court cases against 6 countries causing environmental damage
India gets its first covid nasal vaccine iNCOVACC manufactured by Bharat Biotech
Mali: WHO doctor seized by ‘unidentified assailants’, as UNHCR raises alarm over continuing violence
Jammu and Kashmir: Long tailed Duck 'Clangula Hyemalis' sighted in Wular Lake after 84-yrs
Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Nepal, tremors felt in New Delhi
‘Let’s all become the champions the ocean needs’ – UN chief Guterres
WHO calls for action to totally eliminate trans fat, ‘a toxic chemical that kills’
$2.54 billion needed to tackle unprecedented health needs in 2023: WHO
Japan reports monthly record of over 8,000 Covid-related deaths in Jan
Migratory birds from China, Siberia flock Loktak Lake in Manipur
Delhi’s overall AQI notes a sudden dip
Bharat Biotech's intranasal COVID-19 vaccine to be launched on Republic Day
Japan authorities sound alert over new bird flu outbreak
Russia to conduct first space launch in 2023 on Feb 5: Space Center
Himachal Pradesh: 2.7 magnitude quake hits Chamba
Tibet: Death toll from avalanche reaches 28
18.86 lakh new workers added to ESI Scheme in Nov 2022
Afghanistan: Extreme weather leaves 78 people dead
UN experts to intervene in Zambia lead pollution case
Small island States to accelerate action on preventable diseases, mental health
WHO says death toll from Covid-19 spiked by 20 pc in past 30 days
Climate activist Greta Thunberg detained in German village for protesting against coal mine expansion
Health experts worry COVID will spread amid booster hesitancy in South Asia
WHO launches Council to develop TB vaccines, hoping to save millions of lives
Delhi records season's lowest temp at 1.4 degrees today, IMD issues yellow alert
6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia
Cold wave to drop temperatures in Delhi, NCR to 3 degrees Celsius next week: IMD
China registers nearly 60,000 Covid-related deaths in a month: Reports
Water’s a ‘dealmaker’ for multilateral cooperation and the SDGs
5.3-magnitude quake strikes western Indonesia
Kangra Valley and Chamba rocked
Uttarakhand's sinking town: What went wrong in Joshimath
WHO recommends 10 days isolation for people with Covid symptoms
Motorbike ambulance saves mothers and babies in Kenya: UNFPA
2022 confirmed as one of warmest years on record: WMO
Uganda declares end of Ebola virus outbreak
COVID-19: WHO highlights critical importance of sharing virus sequences
Study shows Covid cases in China touch 900 million
Himachal Pradesh: Tourists spot Manali, Dalhousie, Khajjair Narkanda, Kufri receive snowfall
Northwest India likely to hit another spell of cold wave: IMD
North India to experience 'never seen' cold wave with temperatures at -4 degrees C next week: Weather expert
WHO warns against use of 2 cough syrups made by India's Marion Biotech linked to Uzbekistan child deaths
Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft to be sent to International Space Station
Sun Pharma launches Palbociclib for advanced breast cancer therapy
How COVID-19 changed mental health discourse in India and Pakistan
Delhi air quality plunges to severe category, minimum temp settles at 5.8 degrees C
Himachal Pradesh braces for rain and snowfall as IMD issues yellow alert
Joshimath, surrounding areas sinking by 2.5 inches every year: Study finds
Assam: Deepor Beel records more than 26,000 birds of 97 species
Improve healthcare access to end ‘preventable tragedy’ of child mortality
Mpox: Argentine Healthcare Ministry reports second death
COVID-19: China blocks South Korea and Japan visas
Mayors from around the world to meet for first ever ‘healthy cities’ summit
Kolkata: Despite slight rise in temperature, city wilts under cold
Ozone layer recovery is on track, due to success of Montreal Protocol
Kashmir valley bracing for rain, snow during next 2 days
Uttar Pradesh: Cold wave in Parbhani district of Marathwada region
China: More than 88 million people in Henan infected with COVID-19
India registers170 new COVID-19 cases in past 24 hours
Himachal Pradesh: 2.5 magnitude earthquake jolts Mandi district
Researchers in six categories awarded Infosys Prize 2022
Kashmir valley braces for snowfall as minimum temp drops further
Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya ICMR School of Public Health and BSL III Laboratory in Bhubaneswar
Dense fog envelops Delhi as mercury dips to 1.9 degrees Celsius
Joshimath land subsidence: Uttarakhand CM Dhami meets affected locals
COVID will likely recede into the background, says Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine developer
Improve healthcare access to end ‘preventable tragedy’ of child mortality
Europe: Warm start to 2023 breaks records and skiers’ hearts, says WMO
WHO continues to urge China to share more data amid COVID-19 surge
India-Pakistan Water Management: Thirsty Nations
Delhi experiences mild tremors as 5.8 magnitude earthquake hits Afghanistan's Hindu Kush
Jammu and Kashmir: Parts of Dal Lake freeze as minimum temp plummeting
Bengal reeling under severe cold
COVID-19: China infection surge on agenda at WHO coronavirus meeting
Assam: Rhino chases tourist convoy in Kaziranga National Park
No rhino poaching case in Assam in 2022: Himanta Biswa Sarma
Fresh Covid-19 pandemic emerging the world over with new medical challenges: Expert
3.8 magnitude earthquake hits Haryana today, tremors felt in Delhi
XBB1.5 variant of coronavirus found in India
New Omicron subvariant accounts for over 40 pc of cases in US
France introducing mandatory Covid testing for people flying in from China
Maternal Mortality: Ticking up in Pakistan while India stems rise
France introducing mandatory Covid-19 testing for people flying in from China
1,50,000 Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Centres operationalized
India registers 243 fresh COVID-19 cases in past 24 hours
Mandatory Covid negative report for all fliers arriving from China, 5 other countries from Jan 1: Centre
Floods in Philippines leave 32 dead
All govt centres in Delhi are out of free Covid booster shots, shows CoWIN app
Floods of Fury Crush Tourism Earners in India and Pakistan
IIT Guwahati researchers report an efficient multifunctional enzyme that can breakdown woody biomass for conversion to bioethanol fuel
Four international travellers test COVID positive in Tamil Nadu
UN chief issues global ‘wake-up call’ on Day of Epidemic Preparedness
2022 Year In health: New Ebola and cholera outbreaks, mpox emergency, COVID-19 ‘not over’
Assam: Health Department conducts Covid-19 mock drill in Government and Private Health Institutions
Japan govt imposing mandatory Covid-19 testing for arrivals from China: Reports
India fully prepared to deal with any Covid-19 eventuality: Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya
Covid-19: Hospitals across country to hold mock drills to tackle any spike
Philippines floods: Death toll touches 13
Death toll due to heavy winter storm across US rises to 50
Four foreigners found Corona positive in Bihar
Kolkata: Suspected COVID-19 British national sent to isolation ward
Hetero’s Covid-19 oral drug 'Paxlovid' to receive WHO prequalification
Leaked document shows Chinese health officials estimate 248 million people contracted COVID-19 infection in December:Report
Agra: China-returnee tests COVID-19 positive, sample sent for genome sequencing
Centre asks states to hold mock drills at health facilities amid Covid spike in China
Centre focuses on oxygen supply, ventilators in fresh advisory to states on Covid management
WMO releases ‘tell-tale signs’ of extreme weather conditions around the world
Toronto surpasses target for 2020 Greenhouse Gas Emissions, calls for ambitious future targets
Millions of Afghan children inoculated against measles, polio in 1st Statewide drive since 2021 transition
India is doing fine at the moment but China will see lots and lots of infections, says virologist on current COVD-19 situation
WHO’s Tedros recaps challenging year, appeals for more information on COVID spread in China
Govt approved Bharat Biotech's nasal anti-Covid vaccine: Reports
Coronavirus, drug overdose deaths push US life expectancy to lowest since 1996
Bharat Biotech's nasal Covid vaccine to be introduced as booster dose
'Covid not over yet': PM Modi warns against complacency in Covid review meeting
Karnataka to make masks mandatory indoors amid rising Covid cases in China
Covid-19: PM Modi holds meeting with top officials and ministers; Centre may ask states to stress on masks and social distancing
Random sampling of international arrivals for Covid test already started: Govt tells Parliament
Covid-19: Bengaluru airport to start screening international passengers
Four cases of Covid variant responsible for surge in China detected in India
10-year-old girl dies in leopard attack in Maharashtra's Kolhapur
WHO warns rising infection cases leading to shortages of antibiotic drugs worldwide
Mask up in crowded places, govt advises people aid surge in Covid cases in China
The news of rising COVID cases coming out of China is concerning: SII CEO Adar Poonawalla
As Covid-19 cases spike in China, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya to hold review meet today
China risks between 1.3 and 2.1 million deaths if it ends its zero-COVID strategy: Study
Centre cautions states to track Covid variants through genome sequencing, Health Minister to hold review meeting tomorrow
UN conference concludes with ‘historic’ deal to protect a third of the world’s biodiversity
Bangladesh rolls out fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine
Top epidemiologist predicts 60 percent of Chinese population may get COVID-19
Cold wave sweeps Odisha, Udayagiri records 5 degree Celsius
China COVID-19: Expert believes country may experience three winter waves
Freezing cold, dry weather continues in Kashmir
Global cholera surge likely accelerated by climate change: WHO
Global cholera surge likely accelerated by climate change, warns WHO
Himachal Pradesh: Earthquake of magnitude 3.4 hits Kinnaur district
Indonesia earthquake death toll rises to 602
Community-led responses ‘essential for ending pandemics’ – UNAIDS
South Korea reports 84,571 new Covid cases
NASA's Orion spacecraft returns to Earth after moon missions
Cyclone Mandous: 5 die in rain-related incidents in Tamil Nadu
New Covid-19 sub variants account for nearly 70 pct new cases in US
With ocean in ‘dire straits’, Law of the Sea more relevant than ever
Cholera’s continued spread in Haiti a ‘worrying trend’
Severe cyclonic storm "Mandous' weakens, to cross coast near Mahabs
Countries held the line against malaria cases and deaths in 2021: WHO report
UN chief urges governments and business to step up action to protect nature
India could soon experience heat waves that could break human survivability limit: World Bank report
China finally rolls back strict COVID rules amid weeks of protest
‘Without nature, we have nothing’: UN chief sounds alarm at key UN biodiversity event
Bangladesh plans to administer fourth COVID-19 booster shot from Dec 20
First in India: Meghalaya starts dispatching medicines using drones
Construction to begin on world's biggest telescope
6.4-magnitude earthquake jolts western Indonesia
Gaps in surveillance, testing, sequencing and vaccination are continuing to create perfect conditions for a new COVID-19 variant of concern to emerge: WHO
Many persons with disabilities face premature death due to health inequities
Peru enters fifth wave of Covid-19 pandemic
Africa’s advances in maternal, infant mortality face setbacks: WHO
Proven solutions must be put in place to end AIDS by 2030: Guterres
Chinese: Mainland reports 4,233 new Covid cases
Gender inequalities hampering global efforts to end AIDS
Large parts of world drier than normal in 2021: WMO
Alzheimer's drug hailed as breakthrough
Hawaii's Mauna Loa, which is world's largest volcano, erupts after decades
Global Robotic Surgery Symposium presents a unique learning experience
Three years of flatlined progress on HIV treatment and prevention affect 2.7 million youth
Three years of flatlined progress on HIV treatment and prevention affect 2.7 million youth
Hawaii's Mauna Loa, which is world's largest volcano, erupts after decades
Global Robotic Surgery Symposium presents a unique learning experience

Recent News

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Asian Games 2023 inaugurated in a glittering ceremony in China's Hangzhou; Lovlina Borgohain and Harmanpreet Singh lead Indian contingent
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